How to polish aluminum slot mags

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Here is a how to that I am epic copy/paste-ing from another forum.. This takes a LOT of time. I have managed to figure out how to make it take less. Take one of these. Apply only medium pressure and low speed.

Best Aluminum Polish Reviews 2019 & Buying Guide ... Mothers Mag and Aluminum polish is a legendary metal polish made by Mothers. The secret formula of this product balances an impeccable shine and ease-of-use brilliantly. It’s an ideal polish to use for aluminum parts and wheels, as well as for bras, alloys, and accessories. How To Clean and Polish Alloy Wheels, alloy wheel polish > How To Clean and Polish Alloy Wheels. ... 3M Mag & Aluminum Polish, Wolfgang Fine Aluminum Polish, and classic Wenol Red are all excellent choices for polishing aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy can tarnish and rust, unlike clear coated alloy, so these polished are equipped to remove oxidation. Remove pitting in aluminum wheels | The slotted mags I used to have were pitted really bad. I removed 99% of it with the use of Mother's mag and wheel polish and their powerball. Just apply it liberally to the wheel, and use a high speed drill and some force with the powerball and they should clean right up. Since you already sanded them lightly, this should get the rest.

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15x10" Stroppe Baja style aluminum slotted wheel. 5 on 5.5 Lug Pattern 15 inch diameter 3.5" backspace Bore diameter 108mm 1600 pound load capacity. These wheels will work with 1966-75 Ford Bronco drum brake setups. How To Polish Aluminum Rims | Видео на Запорожском…

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Apr 2, 2015 ... ... wheels in a multitude of intense colors, Hurst T-handles, aluminum slot wheels, ... open-element air cleaner, finned cast-aluminum valve cover, etc. .... new set of 15″ Cragar 5-spoke gray mags with the 4-1/2″ bolt pattern. Polishing Mag Wheels - Holdenpaedia Apr 23, 2009 ... Another Great Article on Aluminium Polishing ... Old mags like Aunger 5 slots, Centrelines, VK Calais etc rims are the easiest to do and the ... Billet 67 A Classic Slot Mag Type Alloy Wheel - Image Wheels