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My study time over the past two weeks has been spent working on my poker HUD. After watching the latest training videos from Assassinato (MTT HUDs Classroom) and Apestyles (Stars 200r HH replay) on, I decided to turn mine into a combination of the their two HUD’s.I’m doing this post about my HUD so you can get some ideas on reworking your own HUD.

I'm biased because my HUD is holdem indicator and is rather limited compared to regular huds as Bovada is anonymous. I use the obvious VPIP and PFR, 3b% fold to 3b%, flop c-bet fold to cbet, steal fold to steal, and AF which is pretty much all the stats lol besides amount won/lost and won without showdown and went to showdown and won... HU sng/ what hud stats to display? - Two Plus Two Poker Forum HUD for HUSNGs is more detrimental than good, even more so than for HU cash. HU is sooo adaptive that unless you have separate stats on what villain does at certain stack sizes, on certain type of boards, and how he reacts to what you're doing, HUD stats really don't do crap. Hud stats not showing on sng/mtt | PokerTracker ... vandeuren: hud works fine on zoom tables, but when i play mtt's, the hud appears, the hands get imported, but i can only see the stats when I hoover with mouse over them, otherwise it just shows a '-' tried changing hud profiles, restartin hud, but nothing seems to work any idea's on how to fix this? Heads-Up Cash Game Poker HUD by ProPokerHUDs


Hello, I have been 2-4 tabling microstakes MTT's and SNG's on BlackChip/Americas Card room with out using a hud. This has made me pay ... HUD débutant : Quelles stats privilégier ? |

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Best HUD for SNGs? - MTTSNG -- Two Plus Two Poker Forums i just recieved PT3 and am testing it out for the first time, ive used poker co pilot (one of few compatible trackers) and it was very simple but less powerful of a program. now ive got pt3 and im trying to determine what the best stats would be for SNGs now that im an SNG player SNG Master - Professional HUD for Sit&Go, Spin&Go and MTT SNG Master is a HUD designed for MTT's and all type of Sit&Goes that are dominated by the situation game and the dynamics between players. All the statistics are detailed for pre- and postflop play, for effective stacks and frequent situations. Heads Up Poker HUDs - Heads Up Poker HUDs Your resource for both free and premium heads up display (HUD) software for Holdem Manager 1 & 2 and PokerTracker 3 & 4. If you have any questions or comments about these HUDs, contact us. POKERSTARS HUD -

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And since poker is a game with incomplete information, checking the stats of your opponents can give you an additional advantage when playing online poker tournaments. If you click on the name of the SnG players from the example above, then you get to see more information and stats about him in a few graphs: Interpreting HUD Stats - KieHa Poker When you’re using a HUD it’s important to be able to interpret the stats correctly. All those numbers are useless if you don’t know what they mean. Here is an overview of some basic stats and how they impact your decision making. You will see a lot of stats where the hand range is expressed as a percentage. Poker HUD Stat Sample Sizes Explained - So I decided to write up this poker HUD sample size guide to once and for all give you all the numbers you need to know to understand your HUD stats better. No more sample size errors ever again! Poker Hud Stat Sample Sizes Before I even begin I am assuming that most people reading this article already know what a poker HUD (heads up display) is. Poker é no MaisEV - O maior e melhor portal de poker do Brasil